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About the fund
The private foundation "IMRAN-92" was registered in 2022.
The Foundation is a non-governmental non-profit organization.

Our Mission:
- to fund scientists, researchers and innovators in all branches of science;

-cultivate the development of creative capital;

Currently most researchers around the world are facing financial stress. Researchers with financial need who are pursuing to fulfil their projects or who are seeking to create breakthrough ideas and then transform these ideas into creative knowledge with subsequent diverse usage - they may never be able to fulfil their ambitions.
Indeed, any research studies without relevant forms of motivation are unfeasible. Hence, currently funding gifted researchers and innovators seems to be a very laborious problem that should be resolved.

For a proper understanding of modern socio-economic problems, it is necessary to search for high-quality intellectual capital. Moreover, high-profiled intellectual capital has formed a new paradigm of the world order, in which this capital will occupy a predominant position.

"Creative intentions, ambitious research projects, seeking to improve their own competence"

these are extremely fascinating for us.

Our advantages
  • There are no age restrictions
  • Financial transparency
  • Unbiased assessment system
  • Scientific versatility
  • Simplified application system
  • The possibility of long-term cooperation
The main documentation of the Foundation is below
  • Isatai Konai

    If we are saying that “Knowledge is one of the attributes of the Most High” as Abai Kunanbayev, the Great thinker, philosopher said, then I think that seeing the power of Allah, who created the worlds with such precision, we must admit that only Allah is the sole creator of science as a whole.
    That is why, if we learn the nature and causes of what is happening
    around us through the word of Allah Almighty, this will be the most
    effective way to further develop science, thereby understanding
    the causes of the big problems facing humanity, as well
    as preventing them.

  • Akimov Ramir

    Ideas rule the world
The database of articles of the Fund
Articles of the Foundation's employees
  • Konai Isatai
    Founder's message
  • Akimov Ramir
    Noosphericity as a new concept

Phone number (WhatsApp): +7(705)-404-84-05


Address: 010000, Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana city, Esil district, E-248 str., house 6

BIN: 220440008505

Kbe: 18

Account: KZ409985TB0001488722

Bank: JSC "First Heartland Japan Bank"


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